Richmond Reason and Naturalism Association Events

RRNA tries to cultivate a comfortable and fun community of mutual respect.  Newcomers are welcome to our events.  While an RSVP is not required in order to attend an event, you can RSVP if  you would like on our MeetUp page.


Member Meeting

Thursday June 7th, 6:30 p.m., A Member’s Home, 10540 Duryea Drive, Richmond, VA
This is a governance meeting of RRNA.  If you attend this meeting, you must commit to membership with the organization, unless you are pre-approved to discuss something on our agenda.  If you would like to propose items for our agenda, please contact us at  For more information on membership, please see our Membership page.


Meet & Greet

Wednesday, June 13th, 6:30 p.m., Office Alternatives, 8942 Quioccasin Rd., Richmond, VA

Meet & Greet: Potluck Dinner and Introduction to RRNA

Richmond Reason and Naturalism Association extends a special invitation to people who have been curious to check us out but have not yet done so, and to people who know a little about us and would like to learn more.

This event is intended to be a comfortable and casual opportunity to spend time around the folks who are at the center of making our organization happen, as well as for newcomers to spend time getting to know each other. RRNA is in ways a small community, but we continue to try to find interesting ways to get to know others who, like us, see their worldview as framed by the ever-learning endeavor of science, and see all that exists as “natural” in that sense.

At 7:30 there will be a brief presentation and conversation about RRNA. Questions for the President and others responsible for our events are welcome.

The evening will be a potluck dinner so bring your favorite dish and enjoy an evening of good food and conversation with time for you to circulate and get to know others as you wish.

Bryan Tunnell –
Julia Marano –


Topical Evening:  Exploring Speciesism

Thursday, June 21st, 2018, 6:00 p.m., Bon Air Library, 9103 Rattlesnake Rd., Richmond

Tonight we’ll explore speciesism. What is speciesism? Should we expand humanism to consider and include non-human animals? Using critical thinking and reason, how can we extend the concept of utilitarianism to all animals?

Our guest speaker will be Krissi Vandenberg. Krissi began as a volunteer in 1998 and has served as the Executive Director of Vegan Action since bringing the organization to Richmond, Virginia in 2000. She has been vegan since 1995, inspired by friends and the British cookzine Soy Not Oi! She was a co-founder of Richmond Animal Rights Network and holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Masters of Science in Sociology. Her passions are punk ethics, hugging trees, feminism, raising a son named Arrow, adopting animals, talking about veganism and the ethics regarding non-human animals, and making the best lentil loaf in town.

The evening’s agenda will be as follows:
6:00-6:30: socializing
6:30-8:00: the program
8:00-8:30: more socializing


Breakfast and Open Discussion

Sunday, June 24th, 9:00a.m., Aunt Sarah’s Pancake House, 4205 W. Broad Street, Richmond

Start your day with RRNA.  Just food and casual conversation.