flag for nonbeliever nationby Richmond Reason and Naturalism Association’s Ernest Wilson, speaker at the June 17th, 2014 Topical Evening:  Nonbeliever Nation

During a 4 hour layover in the Atlanta airport, I came upon Nonbeliever Nation, The Rise of Secular America by David Niose in the religion section of an airport bookstore. I was surprised and intrigued by the title and after a short look through purchased the book.  I was not disappointed and believe you will also be interested, intrigued and perhaps motivated to follow some of his suggestions to for secular activism .

David Noise is president of the Secular Coalition for America, a Washington lobbying group which some of us have supported in the past. He is a practicing attorney who has represented secular interests in the courts as well as author of  the Psycology Today blog Our Humanity, Naturally.

Noise starts off by detailing the proud secular history of America which many of us may not be familiar with giving the lie to the statement that America is a Christian country. He then traces the rise of the Religious Right and the great harm this has done to the country. But there is hope because secularist can do much to oppose this and advance their interests. He urges secular people to stand up for their beliefs and become politically active. He offers suggestions for how this can be done. All and all I think you will agree that this is an exciting and important book.